Covid-19 had certainly given people a tough time worldwide as we are in the midst of the transition to the new norm. The numbers of cases worldwide seems unlikely to decrease anytime soon and we are still waiting for a positive sign of the proper vaccine to at least get this pandemic under control. Under these circumstances, we need something to cheer us up during the darkest period and our demand for entertainment has been increasing during this period. However, the entertainment industry has been probably in the most awkward position in years under this situation as not all of the entertainment industry blossoms under this scenario.

When we look closer into the current entertainment industry, we can realise that live-streaming platform has reached or even surpassed their potential to excel in the current market in 2020. The aforementioned new norm under Covid-19 pandemic had restricted us from outdoor entertainments to stop the spread of the virus. As the result, people had ventured into in-home entertainment such as live-streaming to take a break from their hectic life. According to Daily Esports, there has been a 99% year-over-year growth in hours of live stream video watched between April 2019 and April 2020 from various live-streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and of course Facebook. This is a staggering growth and it proved that people do need entertainment despite their current dull live under the uncertainty.

However, this is definitely not the case of the live-performing industry. The entire business of the live-performing industry is in jeopardy as there is still lots of uncertainty on when they could recover or even resume their performance thanks to the enforcement of social distancing as the safety precaution to stop the spread of the virus. The only certainty for them is they will not be back anytime soon as Covid-19 does not have any sign of slowing down in the near future. Most of the operas, theatre and night clubs has been stopped operating and the live performers are unable to generate income in most of the year. In order to keep the industry alive, the live performers have been adapting to digital transformation and started to involved in the live-streaming industry.

It seems like the solution that keeps most of the live performer sustain under this critical situation. However, there are still some performers might still found it hard to cope with the new norm of performing. One of the performers that are affected was DJ. As most of the music lovers will know, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is best experienced live. Nevertheless, a live performance seems luxurious under this situation and DJ has no choice but trying their best to accommodate the live-streaming trend to keep themselves sustained and relevant despite not performing in front of the crowd. Besides that, the monetisation element is also one of the biggest concern of the DJs to keep themselves alive. Most of the social platforms does not offer monetisation solutions for the DJs to perform on their platform.

Fortunately, more and more live-streaming platform are reviewing their monetisation policy and started to help the DJs to at least generate some income. There are also organisation who is willing offers a platform for the DJs to not only perform but also accepting tips from the audiences and listeners that watch their performances as their income. One of the greatest examples is TipBeat from Arena Bar. TipBeat understands the difficulties that were faced by the local DJ who instantly lost loads of gigs due to the precautionary steps to control the pandemic. Hence, TipBeat had offered a platform for them to perform and allowing them to accept tips from the audiences to minimise their losses during this critical period. This is not the Messiah of the whole industry, but it certainly inserts the silver lining into it.

Despite the future of the music industry remains uncertain, it does not mean that our demands towards music and entertainment had decreased. In fact, we need more entertainment to get rid of our hard life. Therefore, we have to support the music and entertainment industry with whatever we can so that they can at least sustain until we can physically support them once the pandemic has been tone down in future. Of course, if you need a helping hand in reviving your business during these tough times with our expertise, do not hesitate to visit us in We will be always by your side.

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